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Design Studio Membership

The Design Studio Membership opens 2-4 times per year. In order to know when you can join, please sign up for our Design Studio Membership Waitlist.

Design Studio Membership Waitlist

One Exclusive "You be the Maker" DIY Kit  ($15 Value!!)

This file is exclusive to the subscription and will never be made available for purchase on the website separate from the subscription

It includes:

  • The digital file
  • Coordinating box covers and thank you cards
  • Cutting instructions
  • Supply and paint lists
  • Printable instructions 
  • Marketing photos
  • 2-3 Teaser graphics

Access to the DIY KIT Workshop FB Group ($15 Value!!)

  • The EXCLUSIVE digital file
  • Coordinating box covers and thank you cards
  • Cutting instructions
  • Supply links
  • Printable instructions 
  • Marketing photos
  • Teaser graphics and suggested posts
  • Videos walking you through packaging options for paint and glue
  • Paint tutorial for creating the file

Access to purchase past You Be the Maker DIY Kit files

Automatic Store Discount

  • An automatic store discount of 40%
  • The discount is applied automatically when you are logged in using the same email address you used to purchase the membership
  • The discount applies all files available on the site, with the exception of the digital subscriptions and DIY kits
  • The discount is available from the day your join/monthly renewal through the last day of the month

Exclusive Licensing

  • This membership comes with a license to sell any Julie Did It Studio file as a finished product, DIY Kit, or one off blanks. (does not include wholesale)
  • Members of the Design Studio will have an option to purchase an annual license to sell wholesale blanks

Three (or more!) Brand New Designs, Exclusive for 1 Year!

  • Each file is unique to this membership for 1 FULL YEAR
  • After one year, the files will be released for general purchase on the website
  • The files also come with cutting instructions and marketing photos

Access to Julie's Design Studio Members ONLY Facebook Group

  • Provide input on upcoming designs
  • Up-to-date changes and information
  • Monthly tutorials
  • Library of past tutorials
  • Bonuses and More!!

Thanks for signing up!  

The easiest way to get your files is through the Design Studio Membership Portal.

You may be asked to login if you are not already logged in.

The collection at the top of the page will be the current month's files. The past 11 months will display here.

You will need to add the files to your cart and checkout. They'll be free, so no payment information will be required. After you've added to the cart and checked out, you'll have them in your file history forever. 

Nope! You will not need to purchase it each month, as the billing is automatic. 

The only time you would need to buy the membership again is if you cancel your membership and wish to rejoin when it opens again.  

To manage your subscription, visit your account page:

Julie Did It Studios Account Page

You will need to login if you are not already logged in.

From the account page, click on the button that says "Manage Membership".

Once you've checked the files out of your cart, they'll always be available through this link:

All of your files (membership and non-membership) will be available here. 

You will be required to login with the email address you ordered the files with.  If you are already logged in, you'll be directed to your files.

Create It!! with Julie

The main differences can be found in the description of each of these memberships.

Visit our Memberships Overview page for more information.

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  • The page will display with your purchased files

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